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Helpful Weeding Tips

It goes without saying that no one likes the thought of weeding, let alone the chore of it. No matter how much you would prefer not having to weed though, someone’s got to do it. If left undone, those pesky weeds will crowd out your plants and likely cause a lot of chaos in your garden.

Follow these tips to make the weeding process as efficient and as easy as possible:

  • Space plants as recommended, without leaving a lot of extra room for weeds to move in.
  • Make sure you never leave any roots behind, or you will actually be creating a lot of extra work for yourself. If you only yank out the leaves, the roots remain, and the weeds will grow back.
  • If for some reason you cannot get your weeds out by their roots, be sure to chop their weed heads off to prevent them from setting seeds.
  • Weed after it rains to be able to pull the weeds out of the ground easier. Just be sure to not compact the soil from walking around your garden. Alternatively, you could also water your garden if there is no sign of rain in the forecast.
  • Use a hoe for weeds that are too small to pull out of the ground by hand. As with all garden tools, be sure to keep the blade on your hoe nice and sharp.
  • A screwdriver is your best friend when you need to get rid of weeds that are creeping out of sidewalk or driveway cracks.
  • Choose eco-friendly products that can help prevent weeds from germinating. Inquire with your local garden or hardware store.

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