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Are Your Cedar Hedges in Pristine Condition?

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Maintaining healthy, well-shaped hedges can significantly enhance the appeal of your property. Conversely, neglecting their upkeep can result in an unsightly appearance. If your hedges need attention, consider the following tips to restore them to their former glory:

  • Begin by using a rake to clear away dead branches and fallen needles, creating space for new growth.
  • Provide essential nutrients to your hedges by spreading compost, fertilizer, or peat soil beneath the branches.
  • Trim the hedge branches, focusing on the shortest ones, but avoid excessive pruning if you aim to increase the hedge’s height.
  • Shape the hedge by trimming its sides, encouraging uniform growth in all directions.
  • Regularly trim the hedge to prevent it from becoming overgrown, but limit pruning to no more than one-third of its size annually.
  • Maintain a wider base compared to the top of the hedge to facilitate snowfall.
  • Avoid trimming the hedge during hot weather conditions.
  • Ensure regular watering to promote root development and mineral absorption, reducing needle loss in cedar hedges.

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