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Get Your Cedar Hedges in Tip-Top Shape!  

Everyone admires a hedge that is maintained, well-shaped, and super healthy.  If your hedge is looking a little rough around the edges, it’s time to give it some attention! Not sure where to start?

Check out these tips:

  • Use a rake to remove dead branches and needles that have fallen into your hedge. This gives room for new branches to grow.
  • Spread compost, fertilizer, or peat soil on the ground, underneath the branches to feed your hedge nutrients.
  • Trim the branches of your hedge based on the shortest ones, but don’t cut off too much if you want to increase the height of your hedge.
  • Trim the sides of the hedge to help it grow in all directions.
  • It is a good idea to trim every 6 inches of growth to prevent it from growing out of control (just don’t trim more than 1/3 of the hedge each year).
  • Keep the base of the hedge a bit wider than the top part. This will help snow fall to the ground easier.
  • Refrain from trimming your hedge on the hottest days.
  • Water your hedge on a regular basis to promote root growth. This helps the hedge collect the minerals it needs. Cedar hedges will also lose fewer needles if they get an adequate amount of water.

We know this can sound like a huge undertaking, but not to worry! We can help!

ATC Landscape is your top choice for 
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