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When It Comes To Lawn Care Go Organic Coquitlam Landscaping

Summer brings with it the smell of freshly cut grass.  Lawns doused with weed killers and pesticides aren’t as inviting.  The trick to keeping your lawn beautiful, natural, and healthy is to embrace organic processes and discard the artificial and chemical treatments.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Maintenance

  1. Health & Safety – Humans, animals, insects, and the planet all benefit from organic lawn care. With a healthy and safe yard, you, your family, your pets, and the neighbourhood birds and animals can safely play, lie, and walk on your lawn. Organic lawn and garden care is a safe, effective, and responsible alternative to the use of pesticides, herbicides and commercial fertilizers, all which may pose a threat to human and environmental well-being.  The impurities in some synthetic fertilizers have also been linked to health issues, such as asthma and even certain cancers.
  2. Care for the Environment – The extended use of synthetic chemicals contributes to the build-up of greenhouse gases, which contributes to global warming.
  3. Water Conservation & Preservation – Water does not become contaminated in organic systems like it does with synthetic systems, plus organic systems require less water.
  4. Soil Health & Sustainability – Organic products build organic matter and life within the soil.  They help support the health and vitality of the soil and grass, lengthening and strengthening of the roots, plus help fight off disease and weeds.
  5. Pest Reduction – Insects are more prone to live in out-of-balance chemical environments.
  6. Conservation of Resources – Synthetic fertilizers are derived from fossil fuels and organic systems encourage recycling.  Organic systems also emphasize less mowing.
  7. Noise Reduction – Less noise from the decreased reliance on power equipment
  8. Save Money – Who doesn’t like saving money…while creating a healthier environment at the same time?  Over time, organic systems become more independent as the soil is improved.

Didn’t take long to convince you of the importance of choosing organic lawn care, did it? At ATC Landscape, we focus on being eco-friendly to protect you and your environment.

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