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What You Can Do For Your Yard & Garden In January!

Winters in the Vancouver area are always unpredictable when it comes to snow, as we have seen with two major dumps thus far. Wondering what you can do for your yard and garden in the month of January? We have put a list of winter landscaping tips together for you below:

  • Protect your plants, trees, and hedges by brushing snow off of them to help prevent their branches from bowing and breaking
  • Cover your fragile trees and shrubs with burlap or other durable material
  • Use stakes for your “leggy” plants to help support them against snow, ice, and wind
  • Shake and/or brush snow off of your outdoor structures
  • Take inventory of your garden tools. Check what you have. Make note of what you need to replace. Write down what you need to buy. Helpful hint: You may be able to find some good deals in the off-season!
  • Make necessary repairs to your tools, oil parts, sharpen blades, check your lawnmower so you are ready to go
  • Start planning in terms of which types of seeds you want to buy for when spring rolls around (plants, vegetables, fruit)
  • Depending on the amount of snow that you have in your area, you may also be able to use this time for tilling soil, checking sprinklers for leaks, and possibly even removing weeds

Enjoy this slow period because before you know it, spring will be here and you’ll be wishing you had MORE time!

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