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Top Reasons to Switch to Organic Lawn Care

It seems as though we can’t go a whole day without hearing the word “organic” at some point. In most cases, this pertains to food at a restaurant or items at a grocery store. Did you know that it applies to lawn care products too?

More and more people are wanting to be more environmentally-friendly and use products that are safer and healthier for their families. Just because you may not be ingesting lawn products like food, it doesn’t mean that that chemical products can’t have a negative impact on your health. Organic products are safer for humans, your pets, better for your grass, and easier on the environment. There are no risky or harmful side effects.

If you have not yet made the switch to organic lawn care, here are some additional reasons that may motivate you to move in that direction:

Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous is released much slower with organic.
This means that grass roots then absorb them slowly in smaller doses, and this results in a stronger root system.

Roots become more fibrous, so this results in a more impressive-looking turf.

Organic helps the soil retain moisture longer.

Organic aerates the soil better.

The texture of the soil is improved, making it more porous and loose, as compared to light and packed.

Organic is gentle on the organisms and good bacteria that live in the soil.

Organic products are biodegradable, so there is no chemical residue left behind.

Organic doesn’t get easily washed away in heavy rains or excess watering.

Organic improves the strength of the grass, making it less vulnerable to diseases and various pests.

You don’t have to worry about over-dosing your lawn, unlike chemical fertilizers. Too many chemicals can harm your lawn.

Carbon-dioxide is released, which helps in photosynthesis (the process by which plants, bacteria, and protistans use the energy from sunlight to produce sugar, which cellular respiration converts into ATP – the “fuel” used by all living things).

Are you now sold on the benefits of using organic products? We thought you would be!

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