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The Affect of Snow On Your Outdoor Plants

Well, winter is clearly here…and although the weather is unpredictable, there’s sure to be some snowfalls. Unlike animals who can flee cold areas or hibernate, plants have no choice but to adapt to their surroundings.

So, how does snow affect your plant, you ask?

Well surprisingly enough, snow can actually be beneficial for your outdoor plants.  It acts as an insulator, which can protect plants from freezing. Then, when the snow melts, it provides moisture.

You can run into problems with too much snow, however. This is because of the weight of the snow. It can end up being too heavy on the plants and can lead to damaged plant structures such as broken branches. In water-logged areas, it can end up damaging root systems.

Also, when there is too much repeated thawing and freezing…this can damage flower buds and cause plants to heave out of the soil, leaving them exposed to the harsh conditions.

What can you do to best protect your plants during the winter?

  • Choose plants that are hardy and suited to your climate
  • Apply a thick layer of mulch (wood chips and shredded leaves) around shallow rooted plants
  • Cover smaller plants and shrubs with burlap or some other type of breathable covering
  • Shake excess snow from shrubs, trees, and hedges
  • Refrain from watering plants that are in frozen soil
  • Plant against walls to provide some warmth and protection

Have questions? Contact your local landscaping company or do a Google search for more information.

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