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Spring Is HERE! Check Out These Landscaping Reminders!

Spring is full of new beginnings, but it can definitely be overwhelming when it comes to all of the yard work (especially if you already have a busy life).

To make it a bit easier on you, we have put together a list of reminders:

Get a Head Start on a Lush and Healthy Lawn

  • Remove thatch in older lawns and dead moss in lawns that have been treated with moss control (approx. 10 days after moss control)
  • Lime your lawn about 2 weeks before fertilizing
  • Fertilize with high quality, organic fertilizer
  • Ongoing weed and dandelion control

Flower Beds Duties

  • Fertilize your shrubs, trees, hedges, vines, perennials, roses, and small fruits
  • Plant new shrubs, trees, pansies, perennials, herbs, roses, and small fruits
  • Use manure, compost, bone meal, and peat moss
  • Water your flower beds often
  • Weed on an ongoing basis
  • Buy summer flowering bulbs, tubers, and roots, then plant as per the instructions on their packages

Vegetable Garden Tasks

  • Add compost or manure to the areas where you will be planting roses, vegetables, strawberries, and rhubarb (Note: Don’t add manure where you will be planting potatoes because that can cause them to scab)
  • Ideas for veggies to plant in April: carrots, cabbage, beets, broccoli, green onions, lettuce, onions, turnips, and parsnips

Clean-up of Decorative Yard Ponds

  • Get your pond in tip top shape with a thorough cleaning
  • Purchase water plants at your local garden centre

Pruning Your Greenery

  • Consult with your local garden store or research online to know when to prune the greenery that you have in your yard
  • Call a professional landscaping company like ATC Landscape to get the job done for you and ensure you don’t cause any unnecessary damage

Looking for a professional landscaper? Give 
ATC Landscape a call today at 604-720-2853. We proudly serve Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows.

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