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Should I Be Worried About My Lawn Over the Winter?

After investing so much time and effort into your lawn over the spring and summer, of course you’re going to be concerned about how your lawn will fend for itself over the cold, winter months.

A lot of people worry that frost will cause damage, but you can rest assured that it doesn’t. However, you definitely want to avoid walking on it because that can lead to fracturing.

When the temperature drops below freezing, the water in the ground freezes and swells, also known as “heaving up”. You can’t really be proactive in preventing this from happening, but in the spring when it’s dry, you can give your lawn a light rolling to flatten these heightened areas.

What about snow mold?

There is always a chance of snow mold when the snow thaws in places where there is a dense amount of snow. For example, if you have a bunch of snow piled up from clearing your sidewalks, driveway, or even underneath a snowman. This, unfortunately, can lead to dead grass.

Anything else?

Be sure to keep your lawn equipment, supplies, and gasoline out of the cold. You’ll also want to store your seed and fertilizer in a dry area.

Taking care of your lawn throughout the different seasons is all about knowledge, which is why it can be favorable to leave all of your landscaping needs to a professional.

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