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4 Ways to Put Christmas Lights on Outdoor Trees

When December hits, so does the excitement of the holiday season and the urge to decorate! You may want to decorate the trees in your yard, but you may not know where to start.

Here are the main ways to decorate your outdoor trees:

1. Wrap lights around the tree branches

You’ll want to wrap the lights as tightly as possible without harming the branches.Connect the strands of lights in a pattern, running them up and down the branches.

2. Drape the lights around the outer part of the tree

This is how most people decorate their indoor trees, going round and round, starting from the base and going upwards to the top of the tree.  Again, it is a good idea to use connector lights.

3. Use a ring connector

This is a handy accessory that is placed in the middle of the tree, whereby the lights then run out in different directions. Another option would be to attach the ring connector to the top of the tree and then run the lights downwards. A ring connector can save you time (and possibly frustration) when it comes to installing your lights. It also grants you more flexibility to run the lights in different directions.

4. Use net nights

These are quite easy to install – just measure to find out how many nets of lights you will need to cover the tree, and then place them on the branches. A ladder may come in handy to secure the net properly at the top.

Best of luck with your tree decorating! Take a photo of your holiday trees and tag us on Facebook or Twitter @atclandscape!

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