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Spring is Here – Lawn & Garden Tips!

The Grass Doesn’t Have to Be Greener on the Other Side

Have you always wanted to be the one in your neighbourhood with the lawn & garden that everyone else envies? I’d like to share some great tips with you!

What is the First Step?
Rake all debris which may have accumulated during the winter.

Soil Testing
This will determine exactly what is going on with the soil under your lawn.  If your lawn is not healthy and has an abundance of weeds, your soil testing will likely show that your ph level is not at a high enough standard.

Will Lime Help?
Lime is essential for a healthy lawn and will help your lawn grow green and strong, as well as deter pesky weeds.

Feed Your Lawn Every 6 Weeks
It is best to fertilize with a “slow release” product so nutrients are released as your lawn needs them, rather than all at once.  Plus, as nutrients are released, the root system of your grass will fill in bare areas, making it harder for weeds to germinate.

How Often Should I Mow?
Mowing too often or at the wrong times can damage the condition and vigour of the lawn.  Mowing on a regular basis stimulates development of a nice, dense lawn with a strong growth rate.  Your lawn should be cut about once a week.

What is the Ideal Length?
If “too short”, the lawn will not be able to take up water and nutrients through the roots which can result in poor growth. Plus, open turf is much more susceptible to weeds and moss. If grass is kept “too long”, the lawn looks neglected.  A lawn care professional can help you determine the ideal height of your grass.

Is Aerating the “Secret” to Making My Lawn Healthy?
By aerating your lawn, oxygen gets to the roots and soil, enabling it to breathe.  Fertilizers get better access to the roots, plus water is more easily absorbed.  Aerating also loosens your soil, making it easier for the roots to grow.

Gardening & Planting
In addition to having a flourishing lawn, you will want to add some color to your yard! Vancouver’s mild climate enables us to choose from a wide variety of different plants and flowers.

Why Do I Need to Prune & Trim?
The objective of pruning and trimming is to have strong, healthy plants, trees, hedges, and shrubs that look nice. It is recommended to leave this to professionals who know proper pruning techniques and have the right tools. Poor pruning can cause damage that lasts for the life of the tree.

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