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How to Control Raccoons from Harming Your Lawn & Garden

When they say that looks can be deceiving, it couldn’t ring any more true than when it comes to raccoons. They are so cute, but are not as friendly as one would assume.Plus, when it comes to your home and garden, they can be quite the little troublemakers! They are most active between May and September…when the weather is warmer.

Because raccoons are such curious creatures, people often complain of them invading the garden, messing with the trash and bird feeders, or being aggressive towards pets. They may also dig into your freshly laid sod or lawn in search of insects to eat. It can be challenging enough to maintain a healthy lawn, let alone have raccoons interfering with it. In even worse cases, they may also decide to do damage to the exterior of your home – chewing through fascia, soffits…and even tearing off shingles.

Aside from seeing them, you can tell raccoons may be in the area by the whiny, squeal-like, and whimpering sounds they make. You may also notice their tracks – five toes on each foot and longer toes on the hind feet.

So how can you repel them away from your yard?

  • Never attempt to feed them
  • Don’t leave food laying around (including fruit that has fallen off of trees)
  • Use waste bins that can be securely closed
  • Hang birdfeeders using long chains that hang about 2 to 3 feet
  • Ultrasonic sounds
  • Physical barriers
  • Automated sprayers
  • Motion activated water repellers
  • Smell-based repellents
  • If a raccoon is raiding your pond, try placing PCV tubes at least 2 feet in length in your pond so the fish can hide inside

If you are still having troubles, contact a local pest control company.

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