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Wondering How Snow Affects Your Lawn?

Have you ever wondered how snow affects your lawn? Well, good news! Snow is actually beneficial for your grass!

Snow can actually protect your lawn from “transpiration”. This is when moisture around the blades of grass gets sucked out by dry, cold winds. Having a nice cover of snow on your grass acts as a protective shield from the wind.

Also, if you use a winterizer fertilizer, the melted snow will then bring the fertilizer down to the soil, which pulls the nutrients down to the roots. Winterizing fertilizers are higher in potassium and lower in nitrogen as compared to early-season turf-building fertilizers. If you haven’t used a winterizer fertilizer before, you may want to make a note to remind yourself to invest in some for next winter to help get you a head start on a healthy lawn.

A nice layer of snow also acts as insulation for your lawn, which seems ironic because snow is so cold. It actually keeps the grass underneath at a warmer temperature than the outside air. This helps your lawn to survive the winter months.

What about playing in the snow?

With a fresh snowfall also comes the opportunity to for kids to play in the snow or build a snowman. It is important to note, however, that it isn’t good to stomp on frozen grass. This is because it becomes brittle and can break, which can potentially leave you with brown or dead areas of grass when spring rolls around. In other words, it is best for everyone to stay off of the frozen grass as much as possible.

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