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How To Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

Everyone wants beautiful, healthy, green blades of grass when spring rolls around. However, many people (especially new homeowners who aren’t used to yard maintenance), are not aware of the things you must do in the fall and winter months to be on track to achieving this goal. We can help!

Rake Your Lawn

You need to rake all of the leaves, debris, and dead grass so that these things aren’t freezing and thawing over the winter. What is the problem with this? Well, when this happens, soluble forms of nitrates and phosphate can be released. Then when the ground thaws in the spring, these chemicals can run-off and end up in surface water.

You also want to rake to help prevent your lawn from being deprived from sun, as well as to reduce brown patches.

Fertilize Your Lawn

It’s not just important to fertilize your lawn in the spring. You need to fertilize in the fall too … before the first frost hits.

When you fertilize in the fall, this will help provide your lawn with nutrients to be strong enough to survive over the winter. It will also help to promote the root and shoot growth of your grass.

Seed Your Lawn

Turf roots grow a lot over the fall and winter months, which makes it an important time to seed. Choose high quality seed and water it each day until it germinates, which is usually between 10 to 20 days.

Mowing Your Lawn

Did you know your grass still grows over the colder months? It’s key to keep your grass between 2 and 2.5 inches long. If it grows longer than this, you risk running into issues like matting, which can lead to snow mold.

Water Your Lawn

Ensure to water your grass UNTIL the ground freezes. It needs that hydration.

Overall, these efforts will pay off and be worthwhile. Nothing great comes easy, after all!

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