Don’t Let the European Chafer Beetle Destroy Your Lawn – Vancouver Lawn Maintenance

The European chafer beetle is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for Vancouver area lawns.   It isn’t just the pesky beetles destroying the lawns, but the crows, raccoons, and skunks ripping up the grass to find them for food.

What is the recommended treatment?

Nematodes (can be purchased at your garden center) are naturally occurring, microscopic-sized worms that when applied to lawns,  infest and kill their prey within 24-48 hours.  They multiply and continually look for pests to kill.

There are different species of nematodes, so ensure that you choose the right one for larva of the European chafer beetle.

What time of year do I do this?

It is best to water nematodes into the lawn in late July or early August, as the eggs laid in June will have hatched, and the beetles will start to feed on the roots of your grass.

If you neglect your lawn, your chances of encountering this problem increase, as compared to a lawn that is well-maintained – routinely watered, aerated, fertilized, and de-thatched.  Call ATC Landscape at 604-720-2853 for lawn maintenance services to help prevent this problem – or also to rid your yard of this pesky creature.

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