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Do You Know Why Your Plants May Be Wilting?

As you know, the hotter it gets outside, the more you have to pay attention to your outdoor plants…ensuring that they are getting an adequate amount of water. That said, there are a lot of “watering myths” out there that you need to know the truth about. One of these involve wilting. 

Myth: If your plants are wilting, they need to be watered asap.

People usually assume that wilting means that your plants are extremely thirsty. Sure, it can mean that the leaves of the plant are not getting enough moisture, but this isn’t a definite sign that the soil is dry. Leaves may be wilting because the plant roots may be damaged.

Roots need a good supply of water and air. Not enough water, and the roots can die. Too much water, and the roots can suffocate. In both of these instances, the plant will not be able to deliver an adequate supply of water to the stems and leaves. Roots may also be affected by physical damage from garden tools or insects in the soil. Damage to stems can also cause wilting. You need to check the soil moisture to get to the bottom of the problem.

What is the best way to water most plants?

  • Water enough so that the entire root system is saturated
  • Let the soil slightly dry out before watering again
  • Apply water slowly vs. drenching the plant with buckets at a time. This way, the soil will absorb it better and more efficiently…instead of running off
  • Soaker hoses are the best way to water
  • Avoid daily light sprinklings of water – this can encourage roots to grow near the soil surface where they are more prone to drying out

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