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Tips for Successful Bulb Planting

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about planting your bulbs, as you will want to plant them as soon as  the holiday is over. Daffodils are an exception though, as these should be planted early in the fall so that they have time to establish a strong root system before it starts to frost.

What to Look for When Buying Bulbs

Focus on bulbs that are firm, big, and fat. Stay away from bulbs that are soft or showing signs of mold.

How to Prepare for Bulb Planting

Weed the area well and use your compost and organic matter when planting to serve as nutrients.

If you use pots, use ones that have good drainage and fill them with high quality potting mix. Good drainage is really important to prevent rotting.

Also, if you place the bulbs on their side, this will prevent water from coming through the top and lower chances of them rotting. Don’t worry about the stem – it will find it’s way up and grow straight.

How Deep Should I Plant the Bulbs?

Plant larger bulbs (tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths) 20 cm deep. Plant smaller bulbs such as crocuses about 13cm deep.

If planting in pots, plant them as deep as you would if you were planting them in the ground.

Regardless if they are small or large bulbs, plant them in drifts rather than in single rows, and space them out according to instructions on the package.

Be generous with watering after you plant them.

How Can I Protect them from Animals?

When you are done planting, clean the area and pat down the soil so that the bulbs cannot be easily detected by garden critters. You can then cover them with chicken wire, which will act as a deterrent.

How Will I Keep Track of Where I Planted Them?

Mark the area with discreet wooden labels. This will keep everything organized and tidy.


When the spring comes, it is then time to reap the rewards of your efforts with beautiful flowers.

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