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Checklist for Spring Gardening Maintenance – Coquitlam Landscaping

Whether you are an avid gardener or a beginner, this is a good checklist for you to ensure you cover all your bases this Spring when it comes to your gardening.  It is exciting to picture the beauty of the end-result, but it can also be a little overwhelming getting the job done.

Spring Gardening Checklist:

  1. Pruning – if you have early blooming shrubs, prune them as soon as blooms have passed.  If you have roses, early spring is also a good time to prune.  Not sure how to prune? Call us!  You don’t want to permanently damage your beautiful greenery. Protect your investments!
  2. Deadheading – this refers to the removal of dead or spent flowers either to encourage more flowering or to improve the general appearance of the plant. Most annuals and many perennials will continue to bloom throughout the growing season if deadheaded. This can be tedious, but the new blooms will make it worthwhile.
  3. Weeding – one of the most dreaded tasks in gardening is weeding…but unfortunately, there is no way around it.  Pull all of the weeds from your garden beds and borders before they have a chance to get stronger and spread.
  4. Composting – Spring is the perfect time to start a compost. If you don’t already have a bin, buy one from your local garden centre.  Ensure to always cover it to keep the pests out, and the heat and moisture in.  A good compost also needs airflow, which is why wooden models with spaces between the slats can be a good option. You also want a wide opening at the top so that you will be able to mix it easily.
  5. Garden Tools – ensure you have all of the proper gardening tools you need.
  6. Planting – after all threats of frost have passed, it’s time to get planting your trees, shrubs, and annuals!
  7. Fertilize & Mulch – Spring is the time to fertilize and mulch garden beds and borders, as well as fruit trees.
  8. Staking – some of your plants may not be strong enough to withstand winds, so to protect them, tie a wooden stake to your plants to help them stand upright.
  9. Lawn Care – Spring is the time to start planting new lawns from seed. If you already have an established lawn, start mowing, but be careful not to cut the grass too short in the beginning of the season.

If this all sounds too overwhelming or time-consuming, call ATC Landscape to the rescue!  We can take care of all of your lawn and garden maintenance in Coquitlam, Poco, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows, and Maple Ridge while you sit back and admire it.

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