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  • Ready, Set, Prune!

    Late February is a suitable time for certain pruning projects in the Lower Mainland, when the coldest part of winter has concluded. Please note: Be sure to do your own research with regards to the best time of year to…

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  • Maintenance Pruning of Rhododendrons

    One of the most beautiful shrubs, the rhododendrons, has stunning blooms and lush foliage. It is a pretty low maintenance shrub, although we strongly suggest that you maintain them to keep them shapely, healthy, and rejuvenated.  If you don’t keep…

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  • Must-Have Pruning Supplies & Equipment

    There’s so much more to pruning than just starting to cut away at trees, shrubs, and hedges. Before you get ahead of yourself, or before you can even consider doing a proper job, you’ll need to ensure that you have…

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  • It’s the Time of Year to Pay Attention to Pruning!

    Pruning in the winter allows for a new burst of growth when spring returns. This can then result in a fuller, more mature looking tree in the future. You can rely on ATC Landscape for your pruning needs: It is…

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