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Spring Landscaping Checklist!

It seems like winter just started, but how exciting is it that spring is literally just around the corner?! Wondering how can you best prepare your yard for the new season?

Check out our spring landscaping checklist: 

___ Clean Out Your Flowerbeds.

Sure, you can decide to clean out your flowerbeds in the fall, but you can also wait and do this in the spring. Doing this will create ideal growing conditions for bulbs and other flowering plants.

___Check Your Fence Posts and Gates.

When the frost has lifted and the ground is wet and soft, it is the best time to check if your fence posts are out of line or if your gates need to be repaired. That way, you can fix them and rest assured that they will be solid throughout the spring and summer.  Doing ongoing repairs can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

___Clean Your Deck, Patio Decorations & Patio Furniture. 

The inside of your house isn’t the only thing that needs spring cleaning.  Your deck and patio need a deep cleaning and refresh as well! Be sure to use cleaning products and brushes that are safe and appropriate for your deck materials.

___Clean Your Lawnmower & Garden Tools.

Just like your car needs a regular tune up, so does your lawnmower…including an oil change and sharpening of the blades.  Get your garden tools organized and cleaned, take inventory, and see if there is anything that you need to buy.

___Aerate Your Lawn.

Not sure what aeration does? It involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. The roots then grow deeper, resulting in a stronger and healthier lawn. Hire a landscaper to do this for you in late spring or early summer.

___Reseed Your Lawn.

It is ideal to seed new lawn in the fall, but you can also choose to do this in the spring. Use new seed and spread it evenly over your semi-established lawn. Ensure the area is kept lightly watered.

___Fertilize Your Lawn.

Start the growing season on the right foot with fertilizer! Your lawn needs the nutrients to be healthy. Plus, the moisture in the spring helps your lawn absorb the fertilizer into the soil.

___Add Mulch Around Your Trees & Flowerbeds.

Mulch includes wood chips and composted organics. Spread a layer of this around your trees and on your flowerbeds. Just ensure that you don’t put too much so that airflow is restricted, or so fungus and plant disease aren’t able to fester. Doing so also has the chance of attracting unwanted rodents and other critters. About two inches on level ground and three to four inches on more hilly ground is adequate.

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