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Are You Mowing Your Lawn the Right Way?

So you just got some sod installed…or maybe you already have an established lawn. There is so much more than just watering it to keep it healthy – one of the most important being how you are mowing it.

If you are not mowing your lawn properly, you can run into a number of problems. On the flipside, if you are not mowing your lawn, and letting it get out of control, you will encounter a whole other set of issues.

The height of the grass when you mow and the frequency at which you mow will determine how healthy and attractive your lawn will look.

Grasses have a range of recommended mowing heights. If you are in a shady area, if the weather is very hot, or if there is a drought, you will want to keep it on the longer side. Cooler weather enables you to keep the grass shorter.

Ideally, you will never cut away more than 1/3 off. If you go on holidays or are unable to cut due to rain, and it grows higher than usual, move the cutting height of your mower to the highest possible setting.

Grass clippings are full of nitrogen and other nutrients, so as long as you are mowing regularly (and no more than 1/3 of the blades of grass), you can leave the clippings on the lawn. This will actually decrease the amount of fertilizer you will have to use.

Vary Your Mowing Pattern

It is a good idea to not mow your lawn in the same direction each time. Doing so can compact the soil into actual ruts. The grass will also start to lean and grow in the same direction in which it has been cut – instead you want it to grow upright.

Prevent Injuries

  • Every year, thousands of people get injured by not following proper safety precautions when it comes to their lawn mowers.
  • Be familiar with all of the safety features on your equipment and keep it properly maintained.
  • Check the lawn for rocks or other debris before mowing.
  • Stay away from wearing loose fitting clothes that could get caught in the mower.
  • Protect your ears with ear muffs or ear plugs.
  • Keep kids and pets far away from lawn mowers when they are in operation.
  • Be smart when fueling – stop the mower and let the engine cool for at least 10 minutes. Clean up spills asap!
  • Never leave a running mower unattended.

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