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11 Ways To Get Your Yard Ready For Fall

When you have a home, it can feel like your yard is a never-ending responsibility. However, as the seasons change, there is always a list of tasks that can be done to make the ongoing maintenance easier for you and your family.

Autumn, specifically, is a time to:

  1. Cut back your perennials
  2. Remove your annuals
  3. Plant new shrubs and trees at least six weeks before the first frost hits
  4. Get your lawn up to speed so that it can have a head start when spring hits
  5. Water your trees and shrubs until the ground freezes to help prevent them from becoming over-stressed in the winter
  6. Bring your clay pots inside
  7. Bring your potted plants inside that aren’t hardy enough to survive and thrive during the winter
  8. Weed your garden beds so that there will be less that will go to seed next year
  9. Fertilize your lawn
  10. Place compost or manure on your garden beds
  11. Clean your bird feeders & gardening tools

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