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It’s the Time of Year to Pay Attention to Pruning!

Pruning in the winter allows for a new burst of growth when spring returns. This can then result in a fuller, more mature looking tree in the future.

You can rely on ATC Landscape for your pruning needs:

  • Trees under 20 feet tall 
  • Cedar hedges
  • Plants
  • Shrubs

It is good to begin pruning when the coldest part of winter has passed, so February is usually a good bet. That said, if you have damaged or dead branches, don’t wait. Trim these as soon as possible.

You should, however, always do your research online to check when it’s the best time to prune for your particular species of tree or shrub, as it may be recommended to do it later in the year for some.

Why is it so important to prune?

  • To improve the structure and appearance of the tree
  • To prevent the tree from developing broad or weak branches
  • To prevent limbs from growing in weak spots
  • To improve the health of trees by ridding them of dead or dying branches
  • To increase air circulation and sun exposure, which improves the health of the tree
  • To improve the size and quantity of your crop on fruit trees
  • To expose the center of fruit trees to sunlight
  • To improve the look of your property
  • To take care of any obstructed views

What are the different types of pruning?

  • Fine Pruning – Removal of small limbs to improve the tree’s appearance.
  • Standard Pruning – Done to enhance the structure of the tree branches. Includes more heavy cutting.
  • Hazard Trimming – Done when trees pose safety concerns.
  • Crown Reduction Trimming – Removal of major branches from storm damage, interference with power lines, or if there is significant dieback.

Questions about pruning? Contact your local landscaping company. Contact ATC Landscape for pruning in Coquitlam : 604-720-2853.

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