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Tips for Protecting Your Garden & Plants in the Summer Heat

The summer heat is welcomed by most, even if it feels a little too hot at times mainly because we know it’s temporary … and much better than endless days of rain. How does your garden and plants feel about the heat though? Well, the heat can definitely be harsh on them. For example, shallow surface roots can struggle when the heat dries out the top few inches of soil. Therefore, it goes without saying that it’s important to keep an eye on things so that you can maintain a beautiful yard all summer long!

Check out these tips for protecting your garden and plants:

  1. Water your plants, garden beds, and grass early in the morning. Not only will it be more comfortable for you at this time of day, but when you do this when the temperatures are a bit cooler, there is going to be less sprinkler water lost due to wind … and again, less water evaporation. This can also help prevent “heat scald”. This is when you risk damaging leaves that are watered at the same time that the sun is overhead.
  2. Apply a layer of mulch around your plants, such as dry grass clippings to act as the first line of defense. This will protect the soil from direct sun exposure and help keep it moist around the surface. It will also help to prevent water from evaporating super quick. You can also use bark mulch around your shrubs, which prevents weed growth, helps conserve water, and shades the soil. Just be aware that the bark mulch may contain weed seeds that could end up invading your soil. 
  3. Cover your plants and garden with a protective cover / shade cloth for temporary relief from the sun. You will be able to purchase these at your local garden center. Just be sure not to completely enclose them.
  4. Because the heat will be the hardest on your transplants, it is probably a good idea to wait for the heat wave to pass to actually transplant them. The root systems of transplants are shallow and more prone to drying out from being close to the surface.
  5. Maintain a lawn of at least 3 inches high in really hot periods. The taller grass will be more protective, as well as cast shadows and help the soil retain moisture.
  6. Don’t apply any fertilizers until the weather cools down. During extreme heat, the plant roots won’t be able to properly absorb the nutrients.

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